Hi, I'm Laura Hilliger

Thanks for looking me up or stumbling your way to my site(s). I'm a curious polymath. A multimedia generalist. An educational specialist. An intellectual multipod. I'm a lot of things. I work in collaborative environments where openness, technology, business and human development (aka learning) meet up.

I'm a thinker and a maker. I collaborate, create and write to help a variety of organizations with digital transformation, leadership development, and strategies to improve learning, communication and processes.

It is important to me that I maintain my honest voice, which means sometimes I see things differently and then point them out. I believe that open dialog is essential, and I don't like people who skate by on their BS. If I don't know, I say it. Luckily, because I'm extremely curious, if I don't know something, I'm quick to learn or at least find the person who does know.

My favorite place to work is in between cultural and social understandings and what we personally know to be true. I want to help people be more courageous with their work by empowering them to show who they truly are. Part of that process is understanding what the Web means for our professional lives, part of it is about professional and personal development. All of it is about creating a community that is just and empathetic.

Find out more about what I do or just get in touch!