Steps for the Activity

  1. [5 mins] Break into Groups. No one has to work alone! Try to keep your groups to 5 people or less, so that each participant has a chance to share their thoughts. Give each group a stack of post-it notes and a marker or pen.

  2. [20 mins] Define the Learning Objectives

    Instruct learners that they should write at least 1 post it per question, per person, but that they should discuss the exercise so that the responses benefit everyone.

    • What do you want to know or to be able to do after this weekend?
    • What knowledge or skills can you share with others here?
    • What topics should we be sure to cover this weekend?
  3. [20 mins] Organize what's on the wall

    Have everyone post their post it notes on a wall. Next, have participants read each others post-it notes and categorize them into overarching categories. Facilitate the organization procedure so that everyone gets involved. Have participants shout out categories, write category names on new post-its, and move post-its into columns underneath the category label. It should look like a mosh pit of collaboration.

    Photo by Pierros Papadeas

    Have participants put stars on anything that can be MADE.


  • Markers or pens
  • Post-its


Use the organization procedure to discuss overarching themes. Have participants talk as they organize, have them ask for clarification, modify post its, throw out duplicates, etc.

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