Steps for the Activity

  1. Come up with three statements that introduce essential themes. For example:

    • Making is always learning.
    • Connected Learning isn't possible without the web.
    • Learning is not affected by whether or not we share openly.
  2. Place post its with the numbers one to ten written on them in a line on the floor or wall. Leave enough space for people to separate along the line.

  3. Explain the activity to the participants: You will read a statement and if they completely agree with that statement, they should stand near the number 10. If they completely disagree, they should stand near the number 1. Those whom somewhat agree would stand at number 5. Tell the participants that they can change their minds based on what other participants say.

  4. Read the first statement and once participants have divided themselves along the line, ask someone why they are standing where they are standing. Use the activity to begin a discussion and debate on the essential themes of the day.


  • Pen
  • Post-its


Allow learners to explore ideas during the activity. At the end, tie learner's comments and ideas together with web native storytelling and the open web.

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