Let's Use Participatory Methodologies!

These learning materials are for co-design and participatory workshops. "Participatory" means that a workshop invites input from participants. Instead of "presenting" information, the facilitator asks participants to help solve problems. These methods will help you collaborate, teach, learn and produce anything you need to.

Using participatory practices leads to better solutions, more inspiration and more learning. Creation isn’t passive, and "participatory" does not mean formless. Many of these resources were developed for the #TeachTheWeb Community at Mozilla. We wrote, tested and rewrote these methods to be applicable in any workshop or meeting.

These materials fall into four categories. Workshop Agendas use a variety of the other resources to reach specific outcomes. How-tos are practical guides. Icebreakers are activities to start thematic conversations, brainstorm or plan actions together. Remix projects are HTML/CSS based projects that participants can remix for their own campaigns.

This is an open project. Check out the Github repo! File issues for problems, to suggest things to include or to share your stories of success. Or get in touch on Twitter ;)


photo by Mozilla EU

Agendas should be designed for specific outcomes. Workshops should consider specific goals and objectives as well as the participants. Use these agendas as inspiration or a jump start when planning a participatory workshop.

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design by Jess Klein

How to host a hack jam, how to freestyle facilitate, how to build an OER, how to paper prototype...this category includes practical, step by step guides to make running a workshop easy and fun.

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These aren't just "get to know each other" sorts of icebreakers (though there are some of those as well). Use these activities to start thematic discussions, gather Agenda items, brainstorm or invite participants to run demos.

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Remix Projects

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Asking participants to make a postcard for Earth Day or to call attention to human rights violations will lead to an outpouring of creative, interesting ideas. The remix projects are prompts that can give a thematic tilt to creation.

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Workshop in a Box

Workshop in a Box collects resources to help us become wholehearted activists. Learn to use Story as a theory of change in campaigns and other socially relevant initiatives. This project is ever expanding and includes new agendas and materials.

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